1) Project Added Value for Potato (MTT Agrifood Research Finland VIR (2010-2012)


2)Project ISTC 3329 - Genome evolution and potato taxonomy studied by in situ hybridization and characterization of the Russian National Collection of Cultivated Potato Species by microsatellites and morphology (2006-2011).


3)A collaborative project between the Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann (CRPGL), Luxembourg, the N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR), St. Petersburg, Russian Federation and Bioversity International (BIOVERSITY) Conservation, characterization and evaluation for nutrition and health of vegetatively propagated crop collections at the Vavilov Institute (2007-2010).


4) Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR):


05-04-49259-. Introgression of alien genetic material of wild species of the genus Solanum into genome of cultivated potato by somatic hybridization: hybrid genome reorganization and stabilization (2005-2007).


06-04-08352-ofi. Monitoring of genetic diversity among potato cultivars based on nuclear and cytoplasmic DNA polymorphism (2006-2008).


08-04-13747-ofi-c. Developing technology for estimation of genetic diversity on resistance to wart and viruses among cultivated and wild potato species based on modern molecular-genetic and phytopathological methods (2008-2010).


12-04-32250-mol_a. Differentiation of cultivated potato species (section Petota Dumort., genus Solanum L.) using herbarium specimens from hebarium of N.I. Vavilov institute of plant industry (WIR) based on morphology, geography and DNA markers


5) Grant Fasi 2007-2-1.2-09-02-154. Sequencing of XII chromosome of potato (2007-2008).


6) Bi-latheral Russian-German collaboration:

6a) Charakterisierung von interspeyifischen somatischen Hzbriden und Rückkreuyun gsnachkommen der Kartoffel durch molekulare Marker (2002 - 2008).

6b) Auswahl von interspezifischen Hordeum vulgare H.bulbosum - Hybriden für den Gentrasnsfer in die Kulturgerste (2004-2008).