S. andigenum Juz. et Buk. var. brevicalyx Buk. et Lechn.

S.M. Bukasov. Potatoes of South America and their breeding use, Leningrad, 1933, p. 75.

Diagnosis: Weakly developed plants, small leaves. Pedicle below articulation is 12-13 mm long, above articulation 10 mm long. Calyx is small 5-7 mm long from outside, 4,5-6,5 mm from inside, short mucronules 1-1,5 mm, short pubescence. Corolla is violet-blue with violet-black star. Anthers are small. Berries are round. Tuberisation is bad.
Relation to other varieties is unclear.
Juz. 1736, 1660 1663. La Paz under the name Chair-imilla and other names which are not correct and refer to admixtures.