S. andigenum Juz. et Buk. var. bolivianum Buk. et Lechn. f. tiahuanacense Buk. et Lechn.

S.M. Bukasov. Potatoes of South America and their breeding use, Leningrad, 1933, p. 72.

Diagnosis: Differences from f. bifidum, to which it is closer: leaflets are more basiscopic, leafletts and primary leaflets on young leaves are blunter, calyx is small with short mucronules, corolla is more light- blue with smaller lobes, anthers are smaller, stigma is round, of the type S. ajanhuiri, forms numerous berries (underdeveloped?), globular, colored.
Cultivated in Tiahuanaco under the name cliar imilla Juz. 1640.