S. tuberosum L. f. crassifilamentum Buk. et Lechn.


S. Ì. Bukasov. Potatoes of South America and their breeding use, Leningrad, 1933, p. 89.
Diagnosis: Large tubers, on short stolons, short, of a slightly elongate Pina type. The color is white with red spectacles, merging at the top, but interrupted with white “false-spectacles” under eyebrows. Anthocyan color in the skin. Yellowish-white flesh.
Leaf with large wide leaflets, strongly dissected at the apex. 5 pairs of leaflets, two out of them are small.
In the end series there are 2 couples of primary leaflets and one couple of secondary leaflets. In the first series there are 3 couples of primary leaflets and 2 couples of secondary leaflets, both are basiscopic, in the second series there are 2 couples of primary leaflets and secondary leaflets. Primary leaflets are basiscopic.
Corolla is lilac. Anthers are big, up to 8 mm, in a conic column. Stamen filaments are very thick, 4/64 inches thick. Thickness of style is like by Å. Rose. The style is straight. Berries are formed rarely. Berries are napiform.
Juz. ¹ 1968 and 1980. Yutuy under name "Reina Imperata".