S. tuberosum L. f. latum Buk. et Lechn.


S.Ő. Bukasov. Potatoes of South America and their breeding use, Leningrad, 1933, p. 86

Diagnosis: Green stems, leaf with wide leaflets, of the same type as usual German breeding cultivars, weakly dissected. Formula 5/2,I †2 II 4 + 2 III† 4 + 2 IV 2, i.e. with 5 pairs of leaflets, 2 out of them are small, in the first series 2 primary leaflets, in the second series four + two secondary leaflets, the same in the third, in the fourth- 2 primary leaflets.
Stamen filaments are thick, 1,5 mm, anthers are 7,5 mm long, sometimes underdeveloped from the inner side, like by S. Fonckii. The style is 14 mm long, 2/64 inches thick, with long papillae. Stigma lobes are skew-heart-shaped, the flatness of stigma is more visible from the longer side. Oval ovary.
There is a similarity with many breeding cultivars in the following characters.
Pedicel and calyx pubescence is long, mucronules are long (longer than those of Guapa), stamen filaments and style are thicker.
It is different from the breeding varieties in a big, flattened stigma pointed at the top with long heart-shaped lobes.
Affinity with Guapa: shape of stigma, corolla colour, shape of anther column (isnít it a hybrid?).
Juz. 2006, Yutuy, Aguatao, named "Tempranera".