S. tuberosum L. var. chilotanum Buk. et Lechn. f. viride Buk. et Lechn.


S.M. Bukasov. Potatoes of South America and their breeding use, Leningrad, 1933, p. 81

Diagnosis: Ñoloured plants of var. chilotanum - f. viride distincts in an uncoloured articulation of pedicel without anthocyanin and blue-speckled tubers and weakly pegmented, rarer green stamen filaments, subhyaline or green calyx, sometimes there is no difference in calyx color.
Thickness of anther filaments and style and papilae length is like by the type.
Grown Chiloe: Yutuy, Juzepczuk ¹ 1967, under title Americana blanca, ¹ 1962, Mechaico ¹ 2018, under the name Temprana, ¹ 1987.