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Founder: N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR)

Publishing activities of the N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (abbr. VIR), one of the oldest scientific research centers in Russia, started almost immediately after the Institute’s foundation (in 1894, the Bureau of Applied Botany was established under the Scientific Committee of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and National Estate). However, only when applied botany was recognized as an indispensable branch of science by all plant breeding and experiment institutions in Russia, and after the Bureau was reorganized, its independent publishing endeavors were launched in 1907, thanks to the efforts of Robert Regel (1867‒1920), the Bureau’s director. In January 1908, the Bureau started publishing its monthly scientific journal Bulletin of Applied Botany, acknowledged in 1912 as the central scientific periodical in the field of plant breeding in Russia. An enormous contribution to the development of VIR’s publishing activities was made by Nikolai Vavilov (1887‒1943).

The Bureau of Applied Botany was reorganized and renamed several times, until it became the N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR). Up to the present moment VIR has been publishing peer-reviewed scientific journals (Proceedings on Applied Botany, Genetics and Breeding; Vavilovia; Plant Biotechnology and Breeding), monographs, Catalogue of the VIR Global Collection, reference books, guidelines and directories, People of Science series, etc.

Contact details:

Irina Kotelkina (Head):

Dr. Elena Sokolova (Scientific Editor):

Anton Krylov (Translator/Editor):

Dr. Elena Mikhailova (Scientific Editor):

Sergey Shuvalov (Translator/Editor):

Address: 42, 44 Bolshaya Morskaya Street, St. Petersburg 190000, Russia
Telephones: +7 (812) 314-4914; 315-5093

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