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We invite you to take part in the conference dedicated to the 125th Anniversary
of the N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR)

Dear Colleagues,

Representatives of the Russian and international scientific and business communities dealing with fundamental and applied problems of Brassicaceae breeding and seed production note the development of research towards improving theoretical foundations and developing new effective breeding methods.

Recently, much attention is paid by geneticists and breeders to the development of fundamentally new high-tech technologies for creating sources and donors of economically valuable traits, as well as for obtaining, preserving and studying genetic collections in order to involve the identified genetic
diversity in practical work.

OBJECTIVES OF THE CONFERENCE: establishing and strengthening scientific ties
between specialists involved in breeding research on Brassicaceae crops, discussing new methods
and approaches, sharing relevant information on achievements in this field of research.


  • Main objectives, achievements and prospects of cole crops breeding;
  • Achievements and prospects of root brassica crops breeding;
  • Achievements and prospects of oilseed brassicas breeding;
  • Genetic control of economically valuable traits in Brassicaceae crops;
  • Biotechnological methods in Brassicaceae crops breeding;
  • Brassicaceae crops biochemical and physiological studies as a basis of functional nutrition;
  • Brassicaceae crops protection from diseases and pests;
  • Development of technology for Brassicaceae crops seed production.

– Elena K. Khlestkina, Dr. Biol. Sci. –Acting Director, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
– Alexey V. Soldatenko, Dr. Agri. Sci. – Director, Federal Research Center of
Vegetable Growing, Russia, Moscow
– Anna M. Artemyeva, Ph.D. – Head, Vegetable and Melon Crops Genetic Resources
Department, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
Committee Members:
– Angela M. Asaturova, Ph.D. – Director, Institute of Biological Plant Protection,
Russia, Krasnodar
– Filipp B. Gannibal, Ph.D. – Director, All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, Russia,
St. Petersburg
– Nikolai N. Klimenko, Ph.D. – Director, „Poisk‟ Agricultural Company, Russia,
– Galina A. Kostenko, Ph.D. – Leading Researcher, Brassica Breeding Laвoratory at the
All-Russian Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, branch of Federal Research
Center of Vegetable Growing, Russia, Moscow
– Grigory F. Monakhos, Ph.D. – Director General, „N.N. Timofeev Breeding Station‟
LLC., Russia, Moscow
– Sokrat G. Monakhos, Dr. Agri. Sci. – Head, Department of Botany, Breeding and
Seed Production of Horticultural Crops, Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow
Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Russia, Moscow
– Lyudmila L. Bondareva, Dr. Agri. Sci. – Head, Brassica Crops Laboratory, Federal
Research Center of Vegetable Growing, Russia, Moscow
– Svetlana V. Koroleva, Ph.D. – Head, Vegetable Crops Laboratory, All-Russian Rice
Research Institute, Russia, Krasnodar
– Gayane G. Panova, Ph.D. – Head, Department of Plant Light Physiology and
Agroecosystems Bioproductivity, Agrophysical Institute, Russia, St. Petersburg
– Angela S. Rudakova, Ph.D. – Leading Researcher, Plant Biochemistry Laboratory,
Moldavian State University, Moldova, Chisinau
– Zharas Zh. Mamyrbekov, M.Sc. – Leading Researcher, Head, Vegetable Crops
Breeding Department, Kazakhstan, Almaty
– Alvina Avagyan, Ph.D. – FAO Expert on Biodiversity and Rural Development,
Armenia, Yerevan
– Mariann Boerner, M.Sc. – Genebank Manager, Enza Zaden, The Netherlands,
– Kees Reinink, Ph.D. – Managing Director, Rijk Zwaan, The Netherlands, De Lier
– Alexey A. Zavarzin, Ph.D. – Vice Director for Scientific and Organizational Work,
VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
– Alexandra G. Dubovskaya, Ph.D. – Senior Researcher, Department of Oil and Fiber
Crops Genetic Resources, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg

Chairman – Anna M. Artemyeva, Ph.D. – Head, Vegetable and Melon Crops Genetic
Resources Department, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
Committee Members:
Alexandr A. Lenshin, M.Sc. – Leading Expert, Projects Supervision Department, VIR,
Russia, St. Petersburg
Anastasiya B. Kurina, Ms. Sci. – Junior Researcher, Vegetable and Melon Crops Genetic
Resources Department, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
Dmitry L. Kornyukhin, Ms. Sci. – Researcher, Vegetable and Melon Crops Genetic
Resources Department, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
Natalia P. Loskutova, Ph.D. – Leading Expert, Projects Supervision Department, VIR,
Russia, St. Petersburg
Snezhana R. Miftakhova, Ms. Sci. – Leading Expert, Projects Supervision Department,
VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg
Yulia V. Ukhatova, Ph.D. – Acting Academic Secretary, VIR, Russia, St. Petersburg

9 September Conference participants arrival and registration
10 September
Start at 10:00
Presentations by Conference participants
Address: 44, Bolshaya Morskaya St., St. Petersburg
Pompeian Hall
11 September
Start at 10:00
Tour of the Pushkin Branch of VIR, fields (demonstration plots) and labs.
Address: 11, Moskovskoye Hgwy, Pushkin town
12 September Tour of VIR (N.I. Vavilov Memorial Museum, Genebank facilities,
Herbarium, Agricultural Library, Vegetable and Melon Crops Genetic
Resources Department)
Sightseeing Tour of St. Petersburg
Departure of Conference participants


First Information Letter                                        6 December 2018

Beginning of participants registration                  6 December 2018

End of preliminary registration                            1 February 2019

Second Information Letter                                    8 April 2019

End of participants registration                             1May 2019

Draft Program                                                       1 June 2019

Final Program                                                        1 July 2019

Conference working languages: Russian, English.

Conditions of participation:

Conference participants are exempted from the organizational free payment. All those wishing to participate in the Conference are requested to send a filled Application Form and manuscript(s). No remote participation.

Poster presentation: 1 x 1 m max.

Plenary presentations: 15-min long max., flash presentations: 10 min max.

Conference manuscripts wil be published in special issues of Ovoshchi Rossii (Vegetable
Crops of Russia) Journal and in Proceedings on Applied Botany, Genetics and Breeding
according to requirements of these journals (,

Field trials

Field trials will be held on the grounds of Pushkin Laboratories of VIR.
The newest Brassicaceae crop entries to the VIR Global collections which reflect modern
breeding trends will be demonstrated. Requests for the demonstration of specific
collection accessions and forms of Brassicaceae crops are invited.
Russian and foreign breeders are invited to display their breeding achievement. A list of
accessions to be displayed, cultivation recommendations, vegetation period duration and
seeds should be provided no later than 1 March 2019. The cost of 1 sample
demonstration is 1000 Rbls.

Required seed quantity:

  • Cole crops – 2 g
  • Root brassicas – 4 g
  • Oilseed brassicas – 2 g

Tel.: +7 (812) 571-8539


Information letter (download docx file)

Second information letter (open or download PDF file)

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